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The Power of Hypnosis Coaching

Check Out The Science Behind Hypnosis

Did you know that your Conscious mind is responsible for only 10% of your day to day experience of life?
Your Subconscious mind is your Habit mind, and you're using it 90% of the time.
When you choose to change your life, 90% of your mind's power is automated with old, habitual thinking in the subconscious. Like a computer program running in the background, you may not realize it's there but it can derail your progress and stop you from making those positive changes in your life. 
Would you like to learn to transform that limiting habitual thinking into something new and supporting?
I'll show you how to use your entire mind to achieve your goals.
My hypnosis coaching style joins the solution oriented, 

positive motivation and accountability of coaching 
with the transformative
WholeMind immersion of hypnosis.
This gives you true, everlasting transformation.


Don't just "dream" about getting what
you want out of life.​

Let's make a plan and design your future, now.​​​​​​​​

Hi, my name is Paula Hogan and guiding you to become your own MyndGuru is my passion.​​​​​​​​​...

I am a graduate of the  Hypnotherapy Academy of America with a combined 1000 hours of Certification and Post-Graduate training- the highest level of training available in the United States. I have shared my knowledge and skill with clients from around the world to help them become successful in mastering their own minds and creating positive change in their lives.​​​​​​
But only a few years ago, I was a skeptic...
I had been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. I was terrified. I followed medical advice, and medicine did not have a lot of answers for me. I was told to just wait and see.  I became someone I didn't even recognize.
I was sick. I was stuck. I was hopeless.
I didn't know what to do...
That's when I discovered hypnosis.
 At first, I didn't think it would work for me, but I was wrong.
I was amazed at how much clarity and energy I had after just a few sessions. Every day I got better and better. I felt great. In fact the next time I saw my doctor, he even said, "I don't know what you're doing, but keep doing it!"
The amazing improvements in my health were just the start. I became a much more positive and  happier person than I had ever been before. With time, I even had the confidence to leave my dead-end job, start my own business and travel the world... (What would you do?)
I choose to devote my life to learning, practicing and sharing this life changing knowledge with as many people as possible. I am passionate about helping people help themselves to overcome the limitations of their own beliefs, and create positive changes in their lives.
Learning to use the power of my own mind
has completely transformed my life.
Now, I want to share this gift with you.
I'm looking forward to meeting you.


Discover just how simple and Powerful Online Sessions can be.
100% Personalized Sessions Designed Just for You.

To insure that you have a productive and powerful session, have these things ready.
  1. A video capable computer, tablet or phone with a working camera. Use the device you prefer- PC, Mac, Android or IOS
  2. A quiet, private place where you can sit or lie down comfortably and will not be disturbed for 90 minutes. You should be positioned so that you can see me on the screen and I can see your face clearly..
  3. A good, stable internet connection. Broadband is best.
  4. A set of headphones so that we can hear each other clearly and you maintain maximum privacy.
  5. ...And the most important thing of all, your desire to transform your life.

In just 90 minutes you'll be on your way to becoming the master of your own mind and living the life that you choose.

  • Enjoy powerful and transformative hypnosis coaching sessions at our local offices or online, in the comfort and convenience of your own space.
  • All of your sessions are as unique as you are and are tailored to your exact needs.
  • Flexible scheduling gives you the maximum choice in booking sessions to suit your lifestyle.
  • ​Stay motivated and on track with support between sessions. Receive motivation tools that really work- uniquely designed to focus and inspire you every step of the way. 
  • The sessions typically range from 45 to 90 minutes in length. Sometimes it may be necessary to go a bit longer to complete the work and there's never an extra charge because I give you the time that you need. 
  •  You are a VIP and you deserve the very best in 'whole mind' immersion  coaching to quickly and easily achieve your goals and design a life you love to live. 


What Our Clients Are Saying​​​​​

"Booking sessions at MyndGuru was exactly what I needed to succeed. Paula proved to be a wonderful ally in my quest for self-improvement. 

  1. Working with Paula Hogan at MyndGuru was my very first experience with hypnosis. Paula's rational approach and soothing presence allowed me to feel comfortable. The work we did gave me a whole new perspective and improved my self image. Then achieving my goals became more of a new habit and was just easy, and that made all the difference!
    Harlie C.
  2. For all of Paula's warmth and her ability to hold the healing space, it was her empathetic listening that made me feel immediately comfortable and truly heard. Her feedback inspired me to really look at my health with new eyes and be able to see for the first time how to really change. Hypnotherapy sessions with Myndguru have contributed profoundly to my healing journey. I would absolutely recommend Paula to anyone who is serious about initiating healing in their lives- physically, emotionally and spiritually.
    Linda R.
  3. A few weeks before finals, I had a very disturbing event happen in my life that filled me with anxiety and self doubt. I was starting to freak-out. I booked a few sessions on MyndGuru, and I thank God I did. With Paula's caring and amazing skills, the anxiousness just evaporated, I was calm and back on track feeling more confident than ever. Thank you, Paula, for helping me save myself.
    Tammi D
  4. I am a first-time business owner but I didn't have a clear vision for my business, so I booked sessions with MyndGuru. From the start I felt very comfortable with Paula. She is both warm and nurturing, but also keeps me on track. Because of her sessions I am confident and more creative. I've even set goals for myself and my company for the next several years. I learned to use the power of my own mind and really see my success. Thank you Paula.
    Shawna P.
  5. I came to MyndGuru because I had a lot of stress about traveling and being away from home. It was hard for me because I have to travel for work and I was getting more and more stressed-out. Through a series of hypnosis sessions with Paula, I made some really important discoveries about myself. The sessions gave me the tools and the insight to change. I can finally relax. Thank you Paula!
    Kathy S.
  6. I've tried hypnosis twice before but to no avail... so imagine my surprise when I decided to give MyndGuru’s online hypnosis coaching sessions a try and it worked! What a great experience. Paula approach immediately put me at ease. Within minutes of starting I found myself in a deep state of relaxed mental awareness. The sessions were great and I achieved my goal! I would recommend in a heartbeat!
    Anthony V.
  7. I was going through a very hard time in my marriage, and needed just some input... I was so lucky to have found Paula at MyndGuru. Because of her wise and gentle guidance I was able to get out from the constant barrage of self defeating talk and see things clearly again. I am thrilled to let anyone know that if they are doing their best and still don’t feel good enough, ask Paula to help you find yourself. Paula helped me let go of all the nonsense. She rocks!
    Jennifer M
  8. I booked 12 sessions with MyndGuru to uncover my own special talents and to change my beliefs around money. Time with her was invaluable. Paula took me to a place within myself that I had forgotten... Because of these sessions, I have really grown. I've tapped into my own creativity and I am able to see myself and the world from a point of view of abundance. This is not magic, but it really feels like it!
    Michael D
  9. I had a feeling that there was something wrong with me… I just couldn’t put my finger on it. Then I had sessions with Paula. Paula has the uncanny ability to see the authentic person underneath the social programming that we take on.. She saw me for who I was.. Not for the person I was trying to be. I am so much more confident and outgoing and the anxiety I used to have in social situations is gone! What an incredibly freeing and healing experience. I recommend sessions with Paula!
    Lydia F.
  10. I needed to lose weight. I had success dieting in the past, but I gained back everything that I lost and I was getting frustrated. I wanted to try something different, so I booked a session bundle with Paula really cares, she even had my doctor okay my sessions beforehand. I got to the core of why I keep gaining weight. My body and my mind are so much healthier now. It's been 3 months since my sessions ended and I've already slimmed down 26lbs and I feel great!
    Alicia S

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